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In January 2014, the Airdrie 1st Club created a new program called the Blankets 4 Kids Program.

A Hug You Can Take With You

Each year, through our Blankets 4 Kids program, we donate hand made blankets to the NICU and PICU at the Alberta Children's Hospital.

These two units are areas in the hospital that provide sick kids with the highest levels of care. As the main hospital for ill children servicing all of Southern Alberta, the Alberta Children's Hospital supports many Airdronian families during the most difficult time for any parent. 
Due to the nature of need, often times children at the ACH are confined to bed for long periods of time. To help make them feel a little more comfortable, we make fleece blankets that they can lay on, keep warm under, and snuggle or hug.

Each blanket is handmade with love and is meant to offer comfort, a touch of home and love to a patient and their family in difficult situations in the hospital.

These blankets are for them to keep and to take home with them when they are well enough to leave.

100% Made with LOVE

This is one of the most fun events we do all year: Blanket making!

At the heart of this program is love, and through this we also get to do team building as we come together to make each blanket. Throughout the year, we source deals on good quality bulk flannel in solid and patterned prints. 

Program Coordinators for our Blanket making ensure that the material is cut to the correct size, assembled all necessary materials required to make the blankets, and have laid out everything in various work stations.

In groups of 3-5 we work together to create 4-6 blankets throughout an evening as they are fairly easy to assemble.

During this evening, we get to produce these blankets while connectingwith one another, truly building each with laughter and love!

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